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Amy Poehler Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor?

Amy Poehler is an American actress and also a comedian. You might know well that Amy Poehler is Will Arnett’s ex-wife.And she is also a good partner to Tina Fey.

Even though she has been 43 years old, her appearance is still attractive and fresh. She had maintained her appearance nicely. However the people believed that behind her fresh and gorgeous look, she was helped by the doctor’s skill. Amy Poehler plastic surgery might be not just a rumor.

Amy Poehler Plastic Surgery
Amy Poehler Plastic Surgery

Did she really get the procedures?

Considering from her smooth look and her age, the surgery might be reasonable. At least she might be helped by the botox injection and fillers too.

Who doesn’t know botox? This procedure has been used by many celebrities to keep their appearance younger all the time. The Saturday Night Live star might get botox to save her youthful look. the sign of botox is quite obvious. You can see from her face, it appeared so smoothly without any signs of aging. We even didn’t see the wrinkles or lines that commonly approached a person who is in that age. The botox might have removed them all. As the result, Amy Poehler look 10 years younger than she should be.

Amy Poehler Plastic Surgery Before and After
Amy Poehler Plastic Surgery Before and After

Beside botox, to support her rejuvenating experience, she might get fillers injection on her face as well. The fillers injection might be done on some parts of her face like the cheek, the lips, and some other areas on her face. Many people are impressed with the way she used the injection. It was not overdone.

Her partner in SNL, Tina Fey was also reported having plastic surgery to maintain her look. Both gorgeous celebrities looked ageless. It’s not too surprising if they are rumored with plastic surgery speculations. Tina Fey had denied it but Amy Poehler has not explained.

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