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Apink Son Na-eun Plastic Surgery Before and After

Son Na-eun or Naeun , is a young Korean starlet. She is still 20 years old. But her popularity is quite high so far. She is a member of Apink, a Korean girl band. Naeun appears as a very beautiful and cute young lady. However, some people noticed that Naeun had done plastic surgeries like other common Korean stars. Korean plastic surgery combo, nose job and double eyelid surgery was said as the secret of beauty that she got. The change is obvious.

Apink Son Naeun Plastic Surgery Before and After
Apink Son Naeun Plastic Surgery Before and After

Nose Job

The first plastic surgery was nose job. if you compare between her before and after picture, you might realize it. The nose job looked successfully done. She use to have wider nose. And after the surgery, her current nose looked slimmer with smaller tip.  I looked nice and match to her face. But many of her fans didn’t agree with it. they assume that it was the effect of lighting and make up.

Double eyelid surgery

This procedure could be the reason why she looked having bigger eyes today. We also had already known that double eyelid has been so popular among the Korean stars. If she really did it, it’s not too surprising,  Her eyes looked beautiful and attractive.

The young singer has not confirmed anything yet. But you might be able to see whether she went under plastic surgery ot by seeing her before and after picture. Some of you might agree. But if you have different ideas, than you can share them in the comment box.


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