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Betty White Plastic Surgery Before and After

Betty White Ludden is a veteran actress. And she might be one of the oldest actress today. Betty White has been 93 years old. Have you seen her latest appearance?

in 2010, Betty looked younger than her age. In our imagination, commonly a woman in that age (80s) probably got sagging and old skin.  But we didn’t see it. That’s why she might do an enhancement to keep refreshing her face. Was Betty white plastic surgery true?

Betty White Plastic Surgery
Betty White Plastic Surgery

Betty White Facelift

This case had already been discussed several years ago. In 2010, a plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Nassif even share his opinion of Betty’s good look. Dr. Paul commented that Betty must have done facelift and re-tightened her face. Her face looked tight without sagging facial skin. Dr. Paul’s assumption is reasonable. you can see how well the plastic surgery worked on her face.

The secret of Betty’s beauty finally revealed. In 2011, Betty White released her book entitled “If You Ask Me”. According to, in that book, Batty admitted that she already got facelift in the past. She took a facelift to tighten up the loose skin she got. We still believed that she did it more in her old age.

Betty White
Betty White

And now, when 2014 has past, she still looks fresh. She appeared with lack of wrinkles. A few amount of botox might be still used by her. The fillers injecton might also have a role in making her cheek fresh. But We didn’t see any more plastic surgery work. She is aging well for a woman in 93 with th help of botox.

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