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Gillian Anderson Plastic Surgery Before and After

Plastic surgery and celebrity had been so closed. Most of celebrities, especially in America had already gone under the procedure at least two procedures. Most of them got them to fight the aging problems.
Gillian Anderson, 45, is another celebrity who was said having plastic surgery enhancements to keep her beauty perfect. In this nearly 50 years old age, she still appeared so smoothly and youthful. It’s hard to say it as a natural treatment. Doctor might be behind this.

Gillian Andeson Plastic Surgery
Gillian Andeson Plastic Surgery

However, the speculation was still debatable. Some people think that she didn’t go under plastic surgery. Because it appeared naturally smooth. It didn’t look like plastic surgery work,  except a very skillful plastic surgeon did it.

Beside the controversial rejuvenating speculation, there’s an obvious change on her face that was hard to deny. This is the change of her nose. Could it be a nose job?

Botox and Facelift

These combination of both botox and facelift might be done on her face. As you see that Gillian Anderson looked so youthful in recent years. Moreover plastic surgery is no longer rare thing in Uncle Sam state. The botox might have taken care of the wrinkles, and the facelift on the sagging skin. a skillful plastic surgeon had done something great.

Gillian Andeson Nose Job
Gillian Andeson Nose Job


Nose job
and  another change on her face that was seen clearly was on the nose. At a glance, you might not realize it, but if you take a look at this area more intensively you will find that her nose looked slimmer than she used to have. Besides, the little bump on the previous nose disappeared. This is strongly possible as a nose job. but you might think of different thing.

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