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Jackie Zeman Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and after

Jaclyn Zeman is also known as Jackie Zeman. More or less 5 years ago, General Hospital’s favorite star, Jaclyn Zeman had made a lot of people so surprised. The lady who is best known for her role as a nurse finally become a patient in the real life. And she was a patient of plastic surgery. The thing that made many people shocked at that tome was her bad plastic surgery.

Jackie Zeman Plastic Surgery
Jackie Zeman Plastic Surgery

The story about Jackie and her plastic surgery had become hot topic several years ago. She was caught having a breast implants. and she did some procedures on her face as well. She might dream to have a more youthful look, when her age is getting older and older. But she might also not think that she would get the thing that she never hoped.

You can take a look at the before and after picture. Her face looked so wet, shiny and swollen after the plastic surgery. It is probably caused by too much botox and fillers injection usage.

Botox and fillers injection

Those kinds of fillers actually can help the user to rejuvenate their face well as long as they are done wisely. In Jacklyn’s face, the botox had been inserted in some parts of her face, especially the fore head. It looked so flawless and smooth without any lines or wrinkles left. Her face looked completely frozen. Moreover,she also got an overdone work of fillers.

The lip and the cheek are the most obvious part that got juvederm or restylane. Her lips got weird shape. It looked full, too full as a natural lips.

Jackie Zeman Plastic Surgery Before and After
Jackie Zeman Plastic Surgery Before and After

breast implants

having a sexier an curvier body is usual reason why many people took a breast implants. Jacklyn also got this procedure several ears ago, but the plastic surgeon didn’t give the best. the shape of her breast looked bigger, how ever it left big space between the breasts that made it unnatural.


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