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Jim Carrey Plastic Surgery, Fact or Rumor?

Who doesn’t know Jim Carrey? He is one of the greatest actor and comedians ever. He had starred various titles of Movie like “Yes Man”, “The Mask”, “Ace Ventura”, etc. Jim Carrey has become the people’s attention. And many people loved him so much. However, beside her great career in entertainment industry, there was another topic about him that made many people curious to discuss. It’s about Jim Carrey plastic surgery speculation.

Jim Carrey Plastic Surgery Speculation
Jim Carrey Plastic Surgery Speculation

This thread was actually no longer new. It has been warm topic few years ago.Dr. David Shafer even share his time to comment about this thread. As reporter in makemeheal, Dr. Shafer told the public that he didn’t see any signs of plastic surgery work on his face. He believed that Jim Carrey got purely natural youthful gene. The doctor only noted that if Jim Carrrey got botox injection, then he needed to change the injector.

in the other hand, Dr. Paul Nassif also got the same idea, Seeing Jim’s appearance at that time (2010), he didn’t look like a person who got his face done. Jim still got wrinkles on some parts of his face like the crow feet.

Jim Carrey Plastic Surgery

But not all the people seems agree with the doctor. Some people still believed that he was benefited with botox injection so far. How does he look like now? You may take a look at his current appearance. in 2015, Jim Carrey looks so different. Appear with beard, Jim Carrey looks more mature now. His face showed that he is aging well. But his smooth face without winkles on his forehead made the speculation about him and botox run as usual. What do you have in mind about Jim Carrey Plastic Surgery? Di he really get the botox?


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