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Kim Woo Bin Plastic Surgery Before and After, Fact or Rumor?

Who doesn’t know this guy? He is Kim Woo Bin. You must know him very well as a star of popular Korean Drama in 2014 “The Heirs”. He played alongside Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye. Talking about Kim Woo Bin, some people noticed that he didn’t have the same look like he used to. There’ a change on his appearance that was possible caused by plastic surgery. It’s the shape of his nose. It reminded us to his friend Min Ho, who was also rumored having the same procedure.

Kim Woo Bin Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Kim Woo Bin Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Kim Woo Bin plastic surgery with nose job had become nice topic. Even though the speculation was still unproven.

Kim Woo Bin Nose Job

The change on the shape of his nose can be seen from the pictures. In the before picture, Kim Woo Bin looked having bigger nose. While in the after picture, his nose looked a bit slimmer. This could be the effect of the nose job. However, most of his fans seems having different ideas. They didn’t agree with the speculation.

Kim Woo Bin Himself didn’t say anything about this. We also already know that Korean plastic surgery is no longer a new thing. It won’t be too surprising if he did nose job. If only the news was true. It proved that most male Korean celebrities had gone under nose job. Jang Geun Suk, Lee Jong Suk, Jaejoong are some male celebries who went under the same procedure, nose job.

How do you see this case? Do you think that he got a  nose job (rhinoplasty)?  Share your comment on the box then.


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