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Kirsten Storms Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kirsten Storms is an American actress. She is quite popular for her role in General Hospital as Maxie Jones (since 2005).  Previously we had discussed about Kelly Monaco, another General Hospital star. Kelly was said having some beauty enhancements. Kelly got bigger boobs after the surgery. Read more about Kelly Monaco plastic surgery,

Kirsten Storms Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Kirsten Storms Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Kirsten Storms was also listed among the General Hospital members who went under the knife. The change was seen from the shape of her nose. She possibly got a rhinoplasty.  Few years ago, a plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer shared his opinion on makemeheal. The doctor found that Kirsten’s nose has different look, as the result of nose job. Kirsten Storms plastic surgery is warm enough in discussion forums

Kirsten Storms Nose Job

You can see the before an after picture photos. You can see that the shape of her nose looked different. Her current nose got slimmer and straighter shape. While, she used to have a more bulbous tip. The new nose looked more defined. Kirsten Storms nose job could be said as a good work. More importantly it didn’t make her unrecognizable.

Did Kirsten got another plastic surgery procedure?

Nose job should be the most visible work that she got so far. However, we don’t think that she got another major surgery. If only she really did another enhancement, then botox injection should be more reasonable. Many celebrities got botox to control the aging signs. Kirsten may have botox regularly to keep her face youthful.

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