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Mark Kriski Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor?

Mark Kriski is known well as a weatherman of KTLA, Los Angeles. Some people are curious about his appearance. They even ask whether Mark Kriski plastic surgery rumor was true or not. Considering from his current appearance and the age, the people got reasonable question. Mark looked having fresh look. He might get botox injection and facelift to keep his appearance fresh and youthful as always.

Was Mark Kriski plastic surgery true?

Mark Kriski Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor
Mark Kriski Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Mark Kriski is getting older. And now he has already stepped on 58 years old. The usage of botox and facelift in America were no longer a new thing. Many celebrities, journalists, politicians had done the same procedures. The combination of facelift and botox could give great result (as long as it was done well and not overdone). It won’t be too surprising if Mark Kriski had gone under this procedure.

Talking about his current look, Mark Kriski appeared with smooth appearance without clear sagging skin. The botox must have removed the signs of aging on  his face, while the facelift made her facial skin fresher and tighter. Some of you might have the same ideas.

It’s so unfortunate that mark Kriski was not revealed yet. He has not confirmed formally about the speculation that approached him. However you might be interested about his tweet below.

Mark Kriski Plastic Surgery Tweet
Credit: Mark Kriski Twitter

He expressed that he didn’t get any procedure to clean his face. Did he get the smooth look naturally? Some of you might have different ideas. Leave a comment in the available box. And don’t forget to share.

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