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Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After

Nikki Cox, 36 might never dream that she could fall into plastic surgery hole. The American actress today was said having fail platic surgery (it had gone wrong). she looked so weird in som earea on her face. She actually got some procedures including botox injection, lip augmentation and breast implants too. What plastic surgery that made her feel shocked and sad?
Let’s find out from the below explanation.

Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery Gone wrong Before and After
Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery Gone wrong Before and After

botox injection

Nikki Cox was said having botox injection to refresh her face. The botox usage was seen clearly on her face. The botox had removed all the wrinkles and make her face so flawless. However, the botox was done too badly. It made her face so frozen. She didn’t look nice at all even just smiling. She is so plastic.

Lip augmentation
this procedure also looked so bad for her face. Her lips looked very thick and weird. The result didn’t give any good thing on her face. Many people criticized about her decision. She just wasted a lot of money for fake face.

Nikki Cox Breast Implants
Nikki Cox Breast Implants

beside those two disappointing plastic surgeries, Nikki also got another enhancement by having breast implants. You may take a look at  the change from the pictures. Nikki’s breast looked bigger and rounder than before. Did you notice it?

What do you think about Nikki’s current look?

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