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William Shatner Plastic Surgery Before and After

William Shatner, 83 can’t deny all the speculations about him and plastic surgery. The Canadian actor recently become the people’s attention because of his smooth look. Many people said that he looked too good for an 83 years old man. you might agree with this. William Shatner is not young anymore.

that’s why the speculations about him going under the knife become a nice topic to discuss in some forums. Do you think that he get surgery procedure so far? The speculations might be true. The anti-aging surgery sets like facelift and botox might be the most reasonable thing to answer our curiosity.

William Shatner Plastic Surgery Before And After
William Shatner Plastic Surgery Before And After

William Shatner Facelift

you must be very familiar with facelift. it’s no longer a new thing , especially in Celebrity world. Most old celebrities had already felt the sensations of the works. It seems the Star Trek actor got this surgery too. the facelift had a main role in rejuvenating his face. is facial skin still looks tight and fresh. He didn’t get any sagging skin that commonly appeared when  a person is getting older.

The Botox Injection

another procedure that made his face fresh was the botox on his face. If only William Shatner really got the botox, he need to be relieved of his decision. The botox keep him away from the annoying wrinkles. His face still look a bit natural. Unlike many other cases which ended with an awful result. David Cassidy, John Rzeznik are some other male celebrities who got fail botox treatment. Their face looked frozen.

What do you think of William Shatner Plastic Surgery? Does he look better?

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