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Yunjin Kim Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Yunjin Kim is an American actress. She was born in Korea 41 years ago. She had already stars various of movies and series. One of the most popular was “LOST (2004-2010)”. Many people are curious with her appearance. was she influenced by plastic surgery trends in this decade? As you know that, Yunjin Kim has been over 40, but her appearance still looked hot, youthful, gorgeous. Many people believed that she had gone under some procedures to maintain her beauty.

Yunjin Kim Plastic Surgery
Yunjin Kim Plastic Surgery

The facelift and botox

the wave of plastic surgery influence is quite high in celebrity world. US, Korea, India are some countries who has a high plastic surgery users in the world.The people doubt if Yunjin Kim could avoid the influence. Seeing from the before and after picture, at least she might get both botox and facelift. You might wonder how she could keep her appearance so youthful, when her age is getting older, right?

The facelift might have taken a role in rejuvenating her face.It works by tightening the sagging skin. Interestingly, her face looked youthful naturally,it didn’t have clear sign of facelift on her face. did she take plastic surgery in Korea? a skillful plastic surgeon must be behind this.

further, the botox might take care of her forehead area. as you see, her face looked so smooth with no wrinkles left. it looked too good for a common 40s women.

Yunjin Kim Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Yunjin Kim Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Nose Job

Beside, the rejuvenating process through botox and facelift, we noticed that, there was a change on her nose. By comparing the before and after picture, you might get some thing interesting. She used to have more bulbous tip. While in the “after picture” she appeared with slimmer nose. And the tip of the nose looked smaller than before. is it really the sign of nose job (rhinoplasty)? or just the effect of lighting and camera?

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