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200 Pounds Beauty Star, Kim Ah Joong Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kim Ah Joong is another Korean actress who bet her natural look with plastic surgeries. she actually did same procedures like most Korean actress who did surgery. Some procedure that she did including Eyelid surgery, jawline surgery and nose job too.

Kim Ah Joong Plastic Surgery
Kim Ah Joong Plastic Surgery

Many people are impressed with the way the plastic surgeon work. in Korea, they had successfully made an actress with an ordinary look to be a more beautiful woman in short of time.the actresses also didn’t need to rethink their decision and completely give trust to the doctors. They even ignore how painful the plastic surgery is for their beauty.

Eyelid Surgery
having beautiful eyes and appearance had become many women’s dream. For a Korean people, some of  them might dream to have beautiful eyes. As we know that they have narrow eyes originally. To make their eyes looked beautiful, they did eyelid surgery. That’s one odf the reason why in Korea, eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is quite popular. Kim Ah Joong’s current eyes looked fresh and cute. The eye;id surgery was done greatly.

Jawline Surgery

Kim Ah Joong did a jawline to make the best shape of her face. in the past, she got a square shape of face. And now, her jawline has been reduce and created a V-Line jaw. She looked beautiful and cute with her smaller jaw.

Nose Job.
the rhinoplasty or nose job was also very popular in America, great Korean actors and actress had already gone under this procedure. Kim Hyun Joong, is one of them. Kim Ah Joong’s current nose looked slimmer and more pointed. The shape of her new nose made her transformation so perfect. It looked match and elegant on her face.

Kim Ah Joong ever starred a movie entitled 200 Pounds Beauty. This story also told about plastic surgery. this movie might also want to reflect Kim Joong Ah as the plastic surgery users though.


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