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Adele Nose Job Before and After, Nice Plastic Surgery

Adele is a phenomenon in music industry. The actress had surprisingly made many people in the world impressed. Someone Like You in 2011 is one of her song that was loved by world’s people. As a celebrity who become the people’s attention, Adele might feel interested in dong an enhancement for her appearance. As the result, some media reported that she got significant change on her face. it was her nose. She had done a popular plastic surgery, nose job (rhinoplasty). How does she look like? you can see her new appearance in the pictures.

Adele Nose Job
Adele Nose Job

Adele Nose Job

This procedure (nose job) has been so popular in America. many celebrities had gone under the surgery to get better look for their nose. Ariana Grande, the young diva also did the same procedure. Jennifer Aniston did nose job more than once. Beyonce did it as well.

Adele used to have a flatter and wider nose. After the nose job, the shape of the nose looked slimmer. And the tip of the nose also looked smaller. The change looked so obvious. A plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills, Renato Calabria explained that the cartilage of the nose looked reshaped.  And the the nose job also reduced the width of the nose.

Talking about the result of the nose job, we guessed that’s fine. The new nose looked nice for her face. She might feel happy with her new nose. Adele plastic surgery looked successful.

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