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Adriana Lima: Before & After The Plastic Surgery

The name of Adriana Lima does not need to have introduction given to anyone. The Latin American model is regarded one of the world’s most popular and richly-paid individuals in the fashion industry. Her rise to stardom came when in 2000 she became a Victoria’s Secret Angel. She is also listed as one of the richest models in the world in Forbes magazine. For women who is in her 30’s with two kids on her parental resume, such attributes seem like the American dream come true. But to have such a profile nature has also given much to Adriana Lima for she is still enriched with a flare of beautiful innocence in her facial feature yet with a flaming passion in her eyes.

Adriana Lima Breast’s Before & After The Breast Implant

Well, one might wonder that with all these natures-given-gifts, why one needs to go through plastic surgery to bring in the additional artificial charms? One of the reasons that appeal to almost everyone in show business is how to keep their beauty and figure fighting against the age factor. This same reason has led Adriana Lima also go through a breast implantation surgery as the differences between her breasts in both pictures shows. As you can see that the space between the cups has been dramatically reduced, which clearly signifies that Adriana Lima has gone through a breast implant to maintain that sexier cleavage appearance.

Everyone knows that a fashion model is not considered a once until her figure is fully controlled and maintain, especially the chest section. A breast size that is ideal and fitting goes to increase the overall beauty & look of women significantly. It also gives her a distinct sexual appeal as well. So, to keep her stardom prolonged, Adriana had gone through a breast implant and the result is in front of you as you can see in the picture. Isn’t she looks attractive & sexy now? So I think you might have got the point of plastic surgery now.

Adriana Lima Rhinoplasty Before/After Picture

Additionally, there is a recognizable change in her nasal features which can be obtained through a rhinoplasty that changes the nose appearance on your face. Adriana Lima’s nose has now become more pointed and much precisely detailed & refined. Also, there is a bit of slimming in its width as well. Overall, the effect of the surgery lifts her facial features more serene and youngish. So, Adriana Lima has become much more appealing with all the changes she has acquired after going through the plastic surgery and breast implants. While some might agree and some not, who can force his/her opinion on anyone?

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