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Adrienne Maloof Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

It’s no longer a secret in America that many people, especially the celebrity had gone under the knife. Commonly they did it for body perfectness or fighting the aging. And less of them do it for health reason.

Adrienne Maloof is one of celebrities who had gone under the knife. Considering her age which has been over 40, she has an enough reason to do some procedures.

Moreover, the real housewives’ star was also known as a plastic surgeon ex-wife. You might know him well. He was Dr. Paul Nassif, a popular plastic surgeon who had handled many plastic surgery requests. Adrienne was said having great advantage during her life with the doctor.

Adrienne Maloof Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Adrienne Maloof Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Dr Franklin Rose publicly told about Adrienne Maloof in his own site. he told that Adrienne looked so different because of some changes, she changed her hair color, her nose, her chin and she also got facelift and regular botox injection.

As you can compare between her appearance in the past and the new one. It was obviously seen that her hair changed drastically. She might follow the latest age trend. she no longer has black hair. and she also got a nose job as an enhancements.

Nose job and Chin implants

The shape of her nose looked having great change. Adrienne didn’t have a big nose like she used to. Her current nose looked slimmer with a more pointed tip. beside that she also got another enhancement on the chin area. At a glance it might be hard to find but if you see it more intensively, the chin implants looked clear. it changed the shape of her face too. She got more pointed chin now

Facial enhancements were only some procedures to get the better look of her face, Adrienne also looked having facelift and botox to fight the aging problem.The signs of those two procedures could be seen clearly on her face. She got flawless and smooth forehead, and her facial skin looked tight with no sagging skin.

Adrienne might think that she looked great and more youthful now. But in truth the people saw that she looked a bit so plastic due to her drastic changes.

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