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Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Ali Lohan, 20, is an American model. She is also Lindsay Lohan’s younger sister. This young starlet had surprised the world and America due to the controversial issued in recent years. She was said having plastic surgery like her sister Lindsay. Sadly, the plastic surgery didn’t run as she might expect. It was overdone.

Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery Before and After
Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery Before and After

However, in different situation, Lindsay Lohan tried to defend her sister. She claimed that her sister, Ali had not done anything. The change on her appearance was a common growth process. But the people won’t believe it. they saw that Ali Lohan had lost her natural beauty not because of growth.

From the before and after picture, Ali looked having fun with fillers injection. It seems the fillers had been injected in almost entire of her face, especially the forehead, cheek and lips. she had misjudged to go under the cosmetic surgeries because, the result was not good enough. Her face looked a bit frozen. Compared to her previous picture she looked much cold.

Her cheek looked fuller. If it was not fillers, than it might be a cheek implants. For her skinny body and face, it’s really unsuitable. Her face looked unbalanced.

Beside that the lip also looked more nutritious. The significant difference was seen from her lower lips. It looked thicker than she used to have in the previous picture.

Many people wondered what exactly thing that made Ali wanted to have some procedures, when she didn’t nee to do it, and she was still very young.

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