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Alison Brie Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Alison Brie Schermerhorn, 33, is known well as an American actress. And she is quite popular for starring Annie Edison in Community (2009-2015). And now she appears in a new TV series in 2016, Doctor Thorne. She took a role as Miss Dunstable.

Alison Brie Plastic Surgery Boob Job
Alison Brie Plastic Surgery Boob Job Possiblity

Talking about Alison Brie’s current appearance, she was listed among the celebrities who went under the knife. But the thread of Alison Brie plastic surgery is still debatable. She was said having breast implants to make her breasts bigger and perfect.

The speculation appeared after the people considering from her slim body and those big boobs. The boobs looks so big for her body. However, Alison Brie boob job is still unproven. Because, she already got big boobs since she was younger. You can see the picture of her in the past (2006) and the present one. It seems she got her boobs naturally.

It reminded us to an American singer who was said having boob job but still unproven. She is Katty Perry. The “Firework” singer may have a perfect boob job. (read more about Katy Perry plastic surgery).

Breast implants (boob job) is quite popular among the female stars. Many of them looked having drastic change on their boobs. Unfortunately, not all of them would love to share their experience with surgery. Alison Brie also has not confirmed anything yet. This thread is still in warm discussion.

What do you think of Alison Brie plastic surgery on her boobs? Could it be true?

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