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Amal Clooney Plastic Surgery Before and After

Amal Alamuddin is known best as Amal Clooney. She is George Clooney’s wife. Amal is a Lebanese-British author and lawyer. Despite she was not an actress or singer, her name is still quite popular. In recent years, her name become a warm topic. Especially when she was reported as one of plastic surgery users. Amal Clooney plastic surgery gave significant enhancements.

Amal Clooney Plastic Surgery Before and After
Amal Clooney Plastic Surgery Before and After

What kinds of plastic surgery that she got?

This thread had invited various comments from the public and also plastic surgery experts. Dr. Anthony Youn, reported by Radar Online told that Amal Clooney may get benefit from botox, chemical peel and fillers Injection. In the other hand, Dr. Susan Evans also got the same idea like Dr. Youn. She also noticed if Amal Clooney got some beauty enhancements like botox and fillers to keep her face fresh. She also saw a possibility procedure under her eyes.

Amal Clooney Plastic Surgery
Amal Clooney Plastic Surgery

Amal Clooney botox injection and Filers injection

You might know this procedure pretty well. Because many celebrities had done the same procedure. The botox itself is usually done to rejuvenate someone’s look, especially rejuvenating the forehead area from wrinkles. Amal Clooney’s forehead looked having regular botox injection. This procedure made her face so smooth without any signs of aging.

While, the sign of fillers was seen from the shape of her lips and the cheek. Dr. Youn said that Amal Clooney’s lip looked very full. The cheek area also got a bit fuller shape. Dr Evans noticed it as fillers injection.

Another procedure that she got was seen from the eyes area. She no longer got wrinkles and bags under her eyes. It might be a surgery under the eyes, or the effect of botox injection.

What do you have in mind about Amal Clooney Plastic surgery?

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