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Amanda Lepore Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After

Plastic surgery can make you become the most beautiful woman in this planet, but plastic surgery also can make you the ugliest creature that ever exist. It could happen when the plastic surgery was done too aggressively or, it had gone wrong.

What will you think when you read this article. She is one of plastic surgery legendary users. Amanda Lepore, had completely changed everything on her body. Media reported that she had been under multiple and countless plastic surgeries. She might have already gone under all kinds of plastic surgery. She was even listed on transgender celebrities.

Amanda Lepore Plastic Surgery
Amanda Lepore Plastic Surgery

Amanda, the ex-man ever told media that, Marilyn Monroe and Jessica Rabbit were the two whom she was obsessed to be. However, she was far far far from what she had expected.

Some of weird things she did that were clearly seen from her appearance included facelift, breast implants, fillers injection

the facelift must have been done by her. As you see that the transgender patient looked having so flawless and smooth face without any sagging skins, for a woman who got plastic surgery addiction. a facelift was a little story about her experience of going under the knife, she also certainly got botox injection too on her face. There’s no doubt about it. She is totally frozen.

nose job
Having slimmer nosemight be inspiredfrom Jessica rabbit, a sexy and hot Disney charracter. This woman was very attractive and adorable, but of course in cartoon.
Jesica’s slim and cute nose had made Amanda lepore went under multiple nose job. she got her nose done for many times. And the result won’t help anything to save her face from disaster though.

Amanda Lepore Plastic Surgery Before and After
Amanda Lepore Plastic Surgery Before and After

breast implants

As a transgender who turned to be a woman, a breast implants is a requirements. Amanda got really big plastic boobs. Many people wonder how painful the procedure is, to build big boobs on the flat chest. Media also reported that she got breast reduction as well.

Fillers Injection
some kinds of fillers injection and silicone had been used by her . The fillers might be injected on her face, especially on the lip. It built a very thick and wide lips. It was a ery unnatural and unuual lips in common. It was really overdone. While the sillicone was inserted in the waist and hips area. You can see, her body was really curvy like Jessica rabbit, but in a the bad version.

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