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Amanda Seyfried Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Amanda Seyfried, 29, is an attractive American actress. She ever played a role alongside Justin Timberlake in “Time”. Of course she had starred many titles of movies, including Ted 2, the new one in 2015. Talking about her appearance, Amanda Seyfried was already listed among the stars who possibly got some beauty enhancements. Based on the speculations , she may have nose job, breast implants and regular botox injection. Was Amanda Seyfried plastic surgery true?

Amanda Seyfried Nose Job
Amanda Seyfried Nose Job

The speculation about Amanda Seyfried plastic surgery was no longer new thing. This thread has been discussed since few years ago. Moreover, she ever told media that she was not against plastic surgery. She even considered to have some, like nose job. That’s why each time there was a change on her appearance, many people thought if plastic surgery was behind it.

Amanda Seyfried nose job

You may try to compare the before and after picture. the sign of Amanda Seyfried nose job looked obvious.  Compared to the previous one, her current nose looked more refined and thinner with nicer tip. There was a big indication that she got rhinoplasty. Quoted in Metro UK, Amanda told that she would love to consider a nose job and fixed her skin. Despite her brief explanation, it was still debatable. She has not told about the  surgery formally.

Amanda Seyfried plastic surgery breast implants
Amanda Seyfried plastic surgery breast implants

Amanda Seyfried breast implants

the second procedure was seen in the shape of her breasts. “the boobs have changed”, said one of netizen. Seeing from the pictures, we can notice that the size of her breasts looked bigger and rounder now. Could it be Amanda Seyfried breast implants? When she was asked about it, Amanda told the media that, it was cause by the weight loss. The boobs got different look and size due to she loss some weight. Don’t you agree?

Beside nose job and breast implants, she was also said having botox to take care of her skin. But some people thought if she was not in crucial position with aging problem. She was still too young to do it. Her healthy lifestyle could be the better reason. What do you have in mid about Amanda Seyfried plastic surgery?

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