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Amy Schumer Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Plastic surgery and celebrities are so close. This beuty enhancement has been used by them to get perfect look or make their appearance younger. But not all celebrities would love to confirm about it. Amy Schumer is one of celebrities who was reported having plastic surgery to enhance her look. Amy is known well as An American stand up comedian. The thread of Amy Schumer plastic surgery is a warm topic in some forums.

Amy Schumer Plastic surgery
Amy Schumer Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor?

How was her response about plastic surgery?

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Amy indirectly told that she didn’t like plastic surgery. When she was asked about it. She stated that plastic surgery was not good for the people. But she didn’t judge the people to do it.

However, some people thought that Amy had done some things to keep her appearance fresh and youthful in this 34 years old age. They assumed if Amy had done at least botox and fillers injection. There was also a possibility of cheek implant.

Amy Schumer botox and fillers injection

In maintaining her beautiful and youthful look, it seems Amy had done botox injection on her face. The people notice it from the smooth forehead. They believed that Amy got an amount of botox to save her youthful look. While, the sign of fillers injection was seen from the shape of her lips. It appears with fuller look. It could be the effect of juvederm or restylane injected.

Beside rejuvenating her look through the botox, there was also a rumor that said Amy got cheek implants. But it was still unproven. Amy today looked having fuller cheek. But it can’t be judged as a cheek implant for sure. The weight gain factor is more reasonable. That’s Amy Schumer plastic surgery speculation was still debatable. Leave your comment in the available box.

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