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Andrea Mitchell Plastic Surgery Before and After

Andrea Mitchell is a Washingtonians and also known as a BBC News Correspondent like Katty Kay. But, she is far older than katty. Andrea is 67 years old now. Surprisingly, even though her age has been nearly 70, but her appearance looked more youthful than she should be.

Andrea Mitchell Plastic Surgery Before and After
Andrea Mitchell Plastic Surgery Before and After

A plastic surgeon in the same area as her, Washington, Ellen Gandler shared her opinion. She said that Andrea Mitchell looked great for a common 67 years old women.She believed that some plastic surgery procedures had been done by Andrea in recent years. The surgeries including botox, facelift, eyelid surgery.

Considering from her appearance and her age, Andrea had reasonable background to go under the knife. she is no longer young, and she certainly got the aging problems.

facelift and botox injection
these two kinds of procedure had already been trends among the old popular people. They got these surgeries in order to keep them fresh and youthful even tough they are getting older. Andrea looked having both of them. the facelift had tightened her facial skin, she didn’t get any sagging skins left, while the botox injection also tool a role in removing the wrinkles and lines. Fortunately, the facelift and botox were done well.However she need to be more careful, because plastic surgey is not always nice to do. there are many cases which ended with regrets.

eyelid surgery

Dr. Gandler mentioned eyelid surgery as another plastic surgery that she got. The work of the blepharoplasty was seen from her current eyes. It looked fresh without bags and wrinkles surround it.

talking about the result,Andrea looked nice after the surgery, she didn’t look like common 67 years old women. Some people even suggested that she took necklift to make it perfect. However, it is still a best choice to live more naturally.

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