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Angelababy Plastic Surgery Before and After

Angela Yeung Wing is known best as Angelababy (star name). the 25 years old lady appeared as one of the most sensational Hongkong Celebrity. And one the things that made her name is known by the world was her plastic surgery activity. Angela looked so different now. The surgery had completely made her appearance like someone else . From the before and after picture, it seems Angelababy had gone under some procedures including, double eyelid surgery, jaw surgery, nose job and chin implants.

Angelababy Plastic Surgery
Angelababy Plastic Surgery

double eyelid surgery
talking about double eyelid surgery, it is actually very popular in Korea. the celebrities like Park Min Young and IU were said as the users. But in truth, Angelababy’s current eyes show big interest that the double eyelid surgery could also be popular in this state. Angela looked having bigger eyes now. She no longer got Asian narrow eyes.

Beside having her eyes done with double eyelid, Angela might do some enhancements on some parts of her face.

nose job
Angela’s nose might get a modification. By comparing the before and after picture, her current nose looked narrower. It also looked straighter and more defined. However, this speculation build up many controversial statement. One of them was from Ray Chen, a make up artist. He even listed Angelababy as one of Hongkong top model who did various make-over. The nose job must have been done by her too.

Angelababy Plastic Surgery Before and After
Angelababy Plastic Surgery Before and After

jaw surgery
this procedure will help the user in making the best face-shape for the appearance. In Angela’s case, she looked having this surgery and made her jaw a bit smaller. o that the shape of her face looked more oval.

an another surgery that baby got was the chin implants. She got a more pointed chin. It might be done to support and reshaped her facial shape as well.

like what Ray Chen,the make up artist had said, Angelababy had changed a lot. He also mentioned Barbie Xu and Fan Bingbing on his plastic surgery users list in China.

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