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Ann Romney Plastic Surgery Before and After

American people must know her so much, Ann Romney. She is a popular woman who is also Mitt Romney’s wife. She could be said as one of the most important persons behind Mitt’s success. How is she today? Ann Romney has been 66 years old. Surprisingly, she didn’t look as old as her age.She loks much younger. The people felt curious about the secret of beauty. They assumed if Ann Romney had done some procedures to keep her ageless appearance.

Ann Romney Plastic Surgery
Ann Romney Plastic Surgery

Was Ann Romney Plastic Surgery True?

It’s unfortunate that Ann Romney ha not confirmed anything about her beautiful and youthful facial skin. It reminded us to Hillary Clinton, a politician and Bill Clinton’s wife. Hillary was said having facelift. It seems Ann Romney facelift might be not just a speculation.

Considering from her age and face. Ann Romney must have done some things to rejuvenate her look. Some people believe a facelift as one of the main procedures that she got so far. Ann still got tight facial skin, even though her age has been over 60. The facelift could be the reason of this.

Ann Romney botox and fillers injection

Ann Romney might also got other supporting works, especially botox and fillers injection. Her fresh, smooth and wrinkle-less face showed that the procedures had been done. An amount of botox had made her face free from wrinkles and lines. While the fillers had refreshed some parts of her face too. Dr. Michael Salzhauer noticed those two procedures. As reported by makemeheal, Dr. Salzhauer believed that botox and fillers had given her a great benefit.

As a popular person who is being people’s attention, it’s not too surprising if Ann Romney plastic surgery was not just a rumor. What do you think about it? Does she look even better?

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