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Anna Faris plastic Surgery Before and After

Anna faris, 37 is known well as an actress. She has a really beautiful body and gorgeous look. Many people loved her so much. However the people were made shocked by a lot of speculations about her and a popular activity named plastic surgery. Media reported that Anna faris today looked different. The difference was possibly caused by the procedures she took as enhancements. After comparing her pictures, the people saw that she got changes on her breast and nose.

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Before After Breast Implants
Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Before After Breast Implants

Breast Implants

Anna Faris looked hotter and sexier today. It was also related to the size of her breast. The big C cup breast she currently has was said as the result of breast implants. And the speculation was strongly right. From the images below, it was seen that her breast turned bigger now. Her B cup breast had turned into C.

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Before After Nose job
Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Before After Nose Job

Nose Job
Beside that, Anna Faris also got another enhancement. It is the nose job (medicaly call rhinoplasty). This procedure has become a trend among the celebrities. Many celebrities in America had ever tried nose job. they change th shape of the nose and find the best for their face. Anna farris was said as one of them. She got her nose done. It was seen from the size of her nose. It was reshaped to be a narrower nose. It also has more pointed tip. At a glance you might feel hard to find the change. But you will get it if you look more intensively.

Considering her age which has been over 30, she must have aging problem too. Therefore, some people also noticed that she got her regular botox with wise of usage. The botox removed the wrinkles well and not overdone. Her face looked fresh
The combination of her beautiful gene and plastic surgery created fantastic appeatance on her. Fortunately, Anna got everything well with no problem. Unlike the other celebrities who felt in regret.

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