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Anna Kendrick Plastic Surgery Fact or Just a Pure Rumor?

Anna Kendrick, 29, is an attractive actress. In 2014, she appeared with Meryl Streep in “into the wood”. As a popular person, Anna Kendrick can’t avoid many speculations approaching her. It is not only related to her career as actress or love story, but she is also said having plastic surgery. This news is no longer new thing. It has been discussed by many people since few years ago. Anna’s different look in some pictures made her name in the plastic surgery user lists. However, it is unproven. A plastic surgeon even share his opinion about Anna Kendrick Plastic surgery speculation.

Anna Kendrick Plastic Surgery Rumor
Anna Kendrick Plastic Surgery Rumor

What did the plastic surgeon say?

In 2010, Dr. Michael Salzhauer,  a popular plastic surgeon ever told the media that Anna Kendrick looks so natural with beautiful and flawless look. He noticed if weight factor might cause her cheek a bit fuller. He just recommended Anna to get fillers injection to make such more beautiful dimension for her face.

in the other hand, Dr. Paul Nassif also got the same idea like Dr. Salzhauer. He didn’t see significant plastic surgery work on her face. She was completely natural.

Anna Kendrick Plastic Surgery
Anna Kendrick Plastic Surgery??

Now, 5 years had past. It has been 2015. How does she look like? We still didn’t see a significant change on her face. We believe that she stayed in natural way so far. If only she really got a beauty enhancement, then she might get botox injection. But, she is not in a great aging problem at the moment.

Overall, the thread about Anna Kendrick plastic surgery might be just a pure speculation. Some people told that they hoped Anna will not do any enhancement on her appearance. She will be better to stay in her current way. She got beautiful gene.

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