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AOA Kwon Mina Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor?

Previously, we had discussed about one of AOA members, Shin Jimin (read about AOA Shin Jimin plastic surgery). Now, many people also paid attention to another AOA member, Kwon Mina. The 22 years old singer was reported having plastic surgery. Compared to her appearance in the debut (2012), Kwon Mina looked change a bit. You can see the before and after picture to see whether Kwon Mina plastic surgery was true or not. She might have double eyelid surgery. However this thread is still debatable.

AOA stands for Ace of Angels. In fact, all the members are as pretty as the angels. One of the greatest hits was “Heart Attack”. AOA has become so popular this day. They are not only talented. They also got sexy and proportional body.

AOA Kwon Mina Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor
AOA Kwon Mina Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Double eyelid surgery?

double eyelid surgery is quite popular in Korea. This procedure could make the user’s eyes looked bigger. After School Nana, Apink Jung Eun Ji were also listed among the Korean stars who did the same procedure. How is Kwon Mina plastic surgery on her eyes?

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The speculation appeared when the people comparing her pictures. There was a possibility that Mina got her eyes done too. In the picture you ca see that her eyes looked different. Her current eyes looked more open. While she used to have narrow eyes before. Do you think that it was Kwon Mina plastic surgery?

The thread had invited various comments from public. Some people agreed with it, but some others thought that it could be make up technique.


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