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AOA Shin Jimin Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor?

K-Pop wave is still very popular in the world. You might know very well about SNSD, Big Bang, Kara, EXO etc. And now,  AOA had become the people’s attention. AOA itself stands for Ace of Angels. All the members looks so cute and hot. They are petty like angels. Surprisingly, there’s an interesting news about one of the member, Shin Jimin.

AOA Shin jimin Plastic Surgery
AOA Shin jimin Plastic Surgery

In some forums, the thread of AOA Shin Jimin plastic Surgery become very popular. The speculation appeared after the people compare between her past appearance and the latest one. The people believed that Shin Jimin may have double eyelid surgery.

Why don’t you see the before and after picture above. Jimin looked having sleepy eyes in the past. With a procedure liked double eyelid surgery, she might have her eyes done. Don’t you agree?

Even though it’s just one procedure. It could make great chage on someone’s look. It reminded us to a controversial news about IU (read more about IU plastic surgery)

If it was true, Shin Jimin plastic surgery could be said as the successful one. Some netizan thought that the eyelid surgery gave her benefit.

Korean plastic surgery is no longer rare. Many Korean stars had gone under the knife. Nose Job, Jaw surgery, and double eyelid surgery are the most popular procedures in this country,

South Korea is listed in countries with most successful rate of plastic surgery.

What do you think of Shin Jimin Plastic Surgery?

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