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Apink Jung Eun Ji Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jung Eun Ji is (Eunji) another Apink members that was reported having plastic surgery on her face. And it can be easily seen from her face. You can try seeing her before and after picture. Did you see the change on her face. Yes, it’s her eyes. Jung Eunji might get double eyelid surgery. If she really did it, then we should be not too surprised. Because, it’s no longer a new surgery in Korea.Many people in this country had already gone under double eyelid surgery.

Apink Jung Eun-Ji Plastic Surgery
Apink Jung Eun-Ji Plastic Surgery

Double eyelid surgery

Jung Eunji must have gone under this procedure. you can see it obviously in the picture. Compared to her previous look, Jung eun Ji today looked having bigger eyes. Se no longer got narrow eyes. We appreciated that the surgery was done nicely.  Eunji herself might have felt the good sensation with her new eyes.

Like her teammate, Yoon Bomi, Eunji might only get the double eyelid surgery. She didn’t looked having other surgery.

Jung Eunji Apink
Jung Eunji Apink

Korean plastic surgery is no longer a new topic. Many korean people and celebrities had gone under the knife. And double eyelid surgery is one of the most favorite procedure that they got. If only Apink Jung Eunji did double eyelid surgery, she is actually not the only one.

G-Dragon of Big Bang, Lee Bo Young, SNSD, EXO, are some Korean popular stars and groups who are reported having plastic surgery as beauty enhancement.

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