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Apink Kim Nam Joo Plastic Surgery Before and After

Apink is a  popular Korean Girl band like SNSD or T-Ara etc. This group is just younger than the others. This group was found in 2011. Kim Nam Joo is one of the 6 members who become people’s attention. Many people are talking about how she looked like in the past. Some of them even wondered if she went under the knife like many common celebrities. Is Apink Kim Nam Joo Plastic surgery true?

Kim Namjoo Apink
Kim Namjoo Apink

The speculation about it might be true. And we noticed that Kim Nam Joo might get a minor work with surgery. The obvious change on her face was seen from the shape of the eyes. You might be able conclude what plastic surgery that she got actually.

Apink Kim Nam Joo Plastic Surgery
Apink Kim Nam Joo Plastic Surgery

Double eyelid surgery

This kind of procedure should be done by her few years ago. You can see fro the before and after picture. Her current eyes looked bigger and prettier. This thing is not too surprising. because, double eyelid surgery had become a need for most Korean celebrities.

Among the Apink Members, Kim Namjoo is not the only one who went under the knife. The other members like Park Chorong, Son Naeun, Yoon Bomi also did the surgery as well. Son Naeun even reshape her nose with nose job.

Besides, Kim Nam Joo might also get her teeth done. This procedure made her teeth looked so perfect and neat. What do you think of it?

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