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Apink Park Cho Rong Plastic Surgery Before and After

You have already known about APINK. This is a group of young Korean girls. they are talented, beautiful and good in singing. “No No No” and Mr. Chu are some of their popular song. Park Cho Rong is one of the most attractive members. This cute Korean girl got beautiful baby-face look. She is cute and sweet.

Despite she is still so young, many people still assumed that she had done some beauty enhancements on her face. As you know that plastic surgery users in Korea is pretty high. Some media even reported that almost all the celebrities had gone under the knife.

Apink Chorong Plastic Surgery
Apink Chorong Plastic Surgery

Chorong might also do the same things. Her current face said it so, without words. She probably got double eyelid surgery and nose job (rhinoplasty). Both procedures are known as Korean plastic surgery combo. That means most of Korean celebrities their nose and eyes done with surgeries.

Double eyelid surgery

Do you see her face? If you see and compare her before and after pictures, you can find that er eyes looked different in the after picture. It looked having more open eyes, This is a big indication that her eyes were done with double eyelid surgery. If it was true, it’s not too surprising.

Park Chorong Plastic Surgery
Park Chorong Plastic Surgery

Nose Job

another surgery that gave big impact on her face was the nose job. This popular surgery had reshaped her nose become narrower. It looked pretty well for her face. The surgery was done nicely. her nose looked better now.

Talking about Korean plastic surgery, this could be a big phenomenon. Most Korean celebrity had felt the advantage from plastic surgery. You might still remember how excellent the plastic surgery that change Park Min young’s ordinary look into the princess face.

Park Chorong might did the same things and her teammate, Son Naeun was also rumored having same procedures. What do you think about this?


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