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Apink Son Na-eun Plastic Surgery Before and After

Son Na-eun or Naeun, is a young Korean starlet. She is only 22 years old. But her popularity has blossomed already. She is a member of Apink, a Korean girl band, also known as k-pop. She joined Apink in 2011 and sings in the band.

Along with her singing, she has also done some acting. She made her debut in the TV show The Great Seer as teenager Hae-in. From there, she’s done a few other TV shows and also have done some films as well.

Naeun appears as a very beautiful and cute young lady. However, some people noticed that Naeun may have had some cosmetic surgeries done, like other Korean celebrities.

Korea is well-known for their cosmetic surgery and South Korea is known as the plastic surgery capital of the world. They easily have up to a million surgeries every year, with 980,000 surgeries done in 2014.

Celebrities in general have rumors of cosmetic surgeries done, some of which are true and some that aren’t. South Korea has variety of different celebrities and any number of them probably either thought of getting cosmetic surgery or actually went through with it.

With that, the most popular surgery is the double eyelid surgery. As many Asians have smaller, pointed eyes without an eyelid crease, it can make them appear tired and haggard. In order to combat that, this surgery is done to not only give them the crease, but also make their eyes appear bigger.

Facial surgeries are the most popular area of cosmetic surgeries as well. Body contouring has only recently become popular, which is likely to do with the worldwide obesity epidemic. Other areas just aren’t as popular as the face is.

The Korean plastic surgery combo, nose job and double eyelid surgery, was said to be the secret of beauty that she got. The change is fairly obvious.

Apink Son Naeun Plastic Surgery Before and After
Apink Son Naeun Plastic Surgery Before and After

Apink Son Na-eun Nose Job

Nose jobs, or Rhinoplasty’s, account for a pretty big part of the cosmetic surgeries that are performed in Korea. Though it’s not the most popular, it’s likely that people get this along with other surgeries.

The first plastic surgery Naeun most likely got was nose job. If you compare between her before and after picture, you might see it.

The nose job looks successfully done. She used to have wider nose and after the surgery, her nose looked slimmer with smaller tip.  It suits her face, even if it isn’t natural. But many of her fans don’t believe it and they assume it was the effect of lighting and make up.

Rhinoplasty’s aren’t easy to do, but when done successfully, they can bring a world of change to the person getting it.

Many people who aren’t happy with their appearance will try various different things in order to make it what they want. Sometimes, they are successful using products like make-up, but a lot of the time, nothing they do works.

Cosmetic surgery is the next best option. While it may be expensive, it can drastically alter someone’s life, making them happier and more confident in themselves.

As the nose is in the middle of the face, it’s one of the first things a person sees about you. The shape can affect whether or not a person will continuously stare at it or not. If it doesn’t suit the rest of your face, you’ll feel subconscious about it.

Rhinoplasty’s are the way to go in order to change that. People might even compliment your nose afterwards, as long as everything goes according to plan.

There are three different incisions that can be done in a rhinoplasty. They are open, closed, and tiplasty. From the names themselves, you can already get an idea of what they will be able to do.

The open rhinoplasty is the most open, meaning the most can change. It gives the most access to the nasal structures and the most change can happen thanks to that. If you’re really looking to revamp your nose, this is probably what you’ll be going with.

The closed rhinoplasty is not as big of an incision as the open is. The incision is also on the inside of the nose, which prevents any visible scarring. Moderate changes can still happen with this type of incision, but they will be much smaller than with the open.

Finally, a tiplasty focuses solely on the tip of the nose. Many people will have relatively thin noses, but have a very large tip, which can really make the nose look strange. With a tiplasty, the tip of the nose can be reduced to something that looks similar to the rest of the nose. The proportions will be much better.

Each of these incisions is done for a different reason and will bring drastically different results.

This procedure in Korea costs anywhere from 4460203 won to 6690305 won. In US dollars, this translates to $4000 to $6000. If you want something more advanced, you’re looking at a jump in at least $1000.

It is definitely not a cheap surgery to get and if you do want to get one, you need to know exactly what you want beforehand. It’s never to go in without an idea of what you want. Not knowing this could lead you to getting a nose that you never wanted in the first place.

Naeun most likely got a closed incision and a tiplasty as well. Her nose is thinner, but not to the extent that an open incision might do.

Thankfully, as a celebrity, she doesn’t have to worry quite as much about the cost of a procedure like this. Sometimes, being a celebrity is incredibly helpful.

Apink Son Na-eun Double eyelid surgery

This procedure could be the reason why she has bigger looking eyes today. Korean stars are known for getting this procedure, as it really enhances their face and makes it pop. If she really did it, it’s not too surprising; her eyes look beautiful and attractive.

The double eyelid surgery, also known as a blepharoplasty, can be a tricky one. There are two different techniques that might be used in order to complete this surgery, which are the DTS double sutures and twisting method.

Both of these techniques were created because of the highly controversial regular suture technique.

The crease is created because of the placement of sutures underneath the skin. These sutures, in the original technique, had the tendency to break rather easily. They could also ‘cheesewire’ through the eyelid, leaving no crease behind.

The two other techniques aimed to reduce the possibility of those happening and create a much more permanent crease. These attach the sutures to a piece of cartilage, the best being the tarsal plate, in the face rather than an easily movable part of your face.

There was a study done and people with these techniques done had an extremely low rate of breakage. It was less than one percent every year, as they would continue to go back for check-ups every year for ten years.

These techniques also leave very little scarring because there aren’t many extensive incisions. This is especially important for celebrities who need to have flawless skin and faces.

People who are in their later twenties and older are the best candidates for this surgery. When you are younger, your skin can both heal easier and is much tauter against your body. As you age, your skin loosens and is able to be moved much easier, making this surgery easier.

Smokers and people who’ve had many previous eyelid surgeries aren’t as ideal. Their skin isn’t as easily changed as someone who has never gotten this done and they aren’t as prone to various illnesses.

Surprisingly, this surgery is actually cheaper than getting a rhinoplasty. At the same time, it isn’t all that surprising, considering there is much less to cut open in this surgery.

In US dollars, it is anywhere from $2000 to $4000, which is 2230101 won to 4460203 won. There’s a two-thousand-dollar difference from the rhinoplasty to the double eyelid surgery.

The biggest side effect from this surgery is having two eyelids that are slightly different. One might appear higher than the other one, which might look strange. There are some other side effects, including scarring, damage to the muscle that opens the eyes, and multiple creases.

Some of these can be very bad while others are simple inconvenient. The asymmetrical eyelids is something that can be fixed through a correction surgery, but making sure you go to an experienced surgeon will save you the extra money and trip.

This surgery can be a tricky topic. Many people may automatically assume that Asians get this surgery to look more white and western. This isn’t true. There are hundreds of motivations behind getting this surgery done.

For a celebrity, this surgery could help them get the break they’ve been dreaming of. They can finally look the part of a specific character that they just couldn’t do before. It could also be just what they need to be on the next cover of a magazine.

For regular, every day people, it could be for love. Someone might be in love with another person and they decide they need to look different for that person to see them.

It could also just be being self-conscious. They could think they don’t look the way they should, that they aren’t attractive enough because of what it said in the media. This could be a way for them to feel more confident in their body.

There may very well be people out there who do get the surgery in order to look more western, but it simply isn’t the only option.

As for Naeun, it’s most likely that she would have gotten this surgery in order to further her celebrity status. Though, it could also have been a way to get into her band. We may never know.

Cosmetic Surgery: Is It True?

It’s always crazy to think that someone so young would get something like cosmetic surgery, but it happens often. It’s sad to think about, but it’s becoming a regular part of life nowadays.

Naeun has her whole life ahead of her. Both of her surgeries, if she did indeed get them, look like they worked out well and had little to no complications. We can only hope that she continues on the amazing road she is already on.

The young singer has not confirmed anything yet. But you might be able to see whether she went under cosmetic surgery by seeing her before and after picture. Some of you might agree. But if you have different ideas, then you can share them in the comment box.


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