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Apink Yoon Bomi Plastic surgery

Apink is a Korean group of female singers. They have 6 members with Park Cho Rong as the leader. Like many other Korea celebrities, this girls group was also reported having plastic surgery as their secret of beauty. Yoon Bomi was one of the members that got plastic surgery. Yoon Bomi Plastic surgery had become nice thread in some discussion forums.

Did she really go under the knife? It is probably true. It could be seen from her before and after picture. The 21 years old singer looked having a change on her eyes. It could be double eyelid surgery

Apink Yoon Bomi Plastic Surgery
Apink Yoon Bomi Plastic Surgery

Among the Korean plastic surgery favorite, double eyelid surgery could be one of the top surgeries so far. Most Korean celebrities went under this procedure. They actually have the same aim. They want to make their eyes looked bigger and beautiful. You might remember Baekhyun EXO, SNSD members, Lee Hyori, IU (Lee Ji Eun), etc. They got double eyelid surgery to make their eyes cute and beautiful.

Yoon Bomi might do the same. Bomi’s eyes looked bigger and wider now. It made her appearance looked moe attractive. The other member, Son Naeun and Park Cho Rong also got the same plastic surgery.

Some people also assume that Yoon Bomi got nose job (rhinoplasty). but it was still unproven yet. Her nose didn’t look like a plastic surgery result

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