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Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job

It appears that Ariana Grande is yet another star who has turned to plastic surgery in recent times. The pop princess, aged just 23, has allegedly resorted to cosmetic procedures, including a nose job, breast augmentation and lip fillers. The young star rose to fame due to her incredible voice, as well as her stunning looks. It’s not enough, apparently, as she has gone under the surgeon’s knife to alter her appearance. We are all for people doing what they want to do, especially if it makes them feel better about themselves, but we just can’t get our heads around why she would want to change her beautiful appearance…


A Surge in Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is very popular, and has been for some time. It seems, however, that we are now seeing more and more celebrity ‘before and after’ photos than ever before. And we can understand why – plenty of people dye their hair, get fake tans and wear make-up, so why should this form of change be any different? Sure, for us, it would require years of saving up, negotiating time off work for the recovery period and heaps of time spent researching the best in the business. For celebs? It seems pretty easy! Money being no problem, the famous singers and actresses who cover the magazines we read all have access to the best of everything. So why not spend an afternoon getting a face-lift if the mood strikes you?


Cosmetic surgery is also popular for the ‘normals’ among us, and for a number of reasons. Many turn to cosmetic surgery because of insecurities relating to a certain part of their appearance. Nose jobs are one of the most common types of plastic surgery, and we can understand why. Your nose is a huge (sometimes literally) part of your face and general appearance, so why spend your life hating it? Either learn to love it and move on, or, if you have the funds and the courage, fix it! Breasts, too, can be a burden – often physically. Breast reductions are common amongst those who are naturally gifted with large breasts, due to back pain. On the contrary, breast augmentations can be a seemingly-easy way to ‘boost’ your confidence!

Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Time to Get Nosy

Rhinoplasty is the term given to what is most commonly known as a ‘nose job’. Both famous and infamous throughout Hollywood, the nose job is one of the most popular choices of plastic surgery for the stars. And it is not hard to see why. Noses play a big role in how our face is structured and provide a focal point for the center of our faces. For some, noses can be a total disconnect from the rest of our appearance, which can lead to a huge dip in confidence. Lucky for her, Ariana’s nose suits her face very well – it’s small and slim, just like her! But it wasn’t always that way…


Studying older photos of the starlet reveals a wider, bigger nose. Now, we are all for believing in Mother Nature, but surely it normally works the other way around? If not, we look forward to everything downsizing with age! There’s no shame in undergoing surgery to reduce the size of your nose, and it can have amazing results, as shown by Ariana’s petite and pretty new nose.

Lipo or Lunges?

Grande is definitely not grande, and there is much speculation as to how she is as tiny as she is. Her grueling schedule of performances and intense dance routines may be responsible for her weight loss, but rumors suggest that she’s had a little helping hand. Liposuction is another firm favorite amongst the famous. The painful-sounding procedure removes fat from parts of the body, most commonly the thighs, backside and stomach area. It is thought that Ariana Grande may have subjected herself to liposuction, as well as unforgiving dance routines!


Liposuction is a favorite of our Hollywood celebs, and is seen by many as a ‘quick fix’. It’s not hard to get your head round that – popping to the surgery to have it taken care of is a way easier way to lose the spare tire around your waist than sweating away in a gym. There have been many public cases of stars’ dangerous yo-yo dieting, which sounds like a horrendous way to live. We’re all for turning to surgery instead of starving yourself in order to get the body you want. Of course, a good diet, healthy lifestyle and decent amount of exercise would be our first suggestion!


Bigger Is Better

Not everything has gotten smaller though, as critics believe that Ariana has undergone breast augmentation to get the enviable figure she now sports. Breast implants are commonplace in Hollywood, and it’s pretty self-explanatory as to why they’re so popular – surgery increases breast size while altering the shape and positioning to ensure a natural look. Grande’s breasts have had a little boost, and we suspect that said boost was purely mechanical. Whilst they still suit her slender frame, her breasts definitely look larger than they have done in the past.


‘Boob jobs’ have become the new celeb-mag obsession, with endless shots of stars going from A-cups to DDs overnight. Diet and hormones may play a big role in breast size, and women’s bodies are constantly changing, but changes this big (literally) can be hard to thank our hormones for. Sure, some boob jobs end up horrible botched, with celebs left with totally mismatched breasts, but the results can also be amazing. Ariana has been left with breasts that look natural and suit her frame, oestrogen or surgery aside!


What’s Next?

We’ve always loved Ariana Grande’s look, and think it’s a shame that she doesn’t feel the same way. We can’t begin to imagine the pressure of living in the public eye, however, so we can understand why she may want to get some work done in order to look how she feels she should. We can’t help but wonder, what’s next?


  • Botox is incredibly popular and is supposedly a great way to fend off the signs of ageing. This procedure involves being injected with the elixir of youth – Botox is said to fill out wrinkles, leaving skin youthful and flawless. Will Grande be opting for this in the future?
  • Lip-fillers follow a similar pattern to that described above, leaving lips full, plump and young-looking. Some believe that Grande has already succumbed to this procedure, but we’re not so sure. Yet…


  • Tummy tucks are another popular procedure, similar to the effects of Liposuction. While the Lipo rumours are yet to be confirmed, the star is clearly set on staying minute. Could a tuck be down the line?


Do What Makes You Happy!


As a celebrity, there will always be rumours circulating about what’s going on in your life, who you’re dating and what you have or haven’t done to your body! For Ariana Grande, pop princess and teen actress, it’s no different. We’ll admit to being intrigued as to what work she has or hasn’t undergone, but we want to make one thing clear – we support whatever decisions she has made! Her new look may be down to a new diet or lifestyle choice, or surgery, but we love it nonetheless. Keep doing you, girlfriend!



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