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Ariel Winter Plastic Surgery Through Breast Reduction

Ariel Winter is know well as a young actress. She also got a very sexy body with big boobs. The size of her boob was 32F. Surprisingly, Ariel made big decision. She got breast reduction. The procedure reduce the size of her boobs to 34D. Some people may think that she was just 17 at that time. And she is still very young to go under the knife. But, she has her own reason to go through. Ariel Winter plastic surgery through breast reduction has been revealed.

Ariel Winter Plastic Surgery Breast Reduction
Ariel Winter Plastic Surgery Breast Reduction

To People, Ariel Winter explained about the reason. She stated that she didn’t feel comfortable with her big boobs, while she was just 5-ft -tall. When the surgery was done, she felt happy and grateful. She told that she just got right decision. Ariel Winter breast reduction was done successfully.

In an interview with Glamour, she also told about the moment she still had big boobs. She said that she often got back problem. She couldn’t stand up straight for long time. It seems she really felt painful.

You may look at the before and after picture to see Ariel Winter Breast reduction result.

Ariel Winter Breast Reduction
Ariel Winter Breast Reduction

Ariel Winter is not the only one who had the boobs reduced. Drew Berrymore, Sherri Shepherd, Chritina Richie, etc. were on the list.

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In making decision to go under the knife, Ariel had discussed with some other popular star. One of them was Julie Bowen. Ariel said that Julie supported her decision to get surgery. (Julie Bowen is listed among the celebrity who got plastic surgery)

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