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Arrow Star, Katie Cassidy Plastic Surgery Before and After

Katie Cassidy is a gorgeous and talented actress. And she is the daughter of popular 70s singer, David Cassidy. The 28 years old actress is now best known for her role as Laurel Lance in a TV Series, “Arrow” (since 2012).

Talking about her current appearance, many people saw that Katie looked so different. They even assumed that she had gone under the knife. You also know that his father, David also got surgery to keep youthful.  But in Katie’s case, the aging is not the problem. Katie might do some other beauty enhancements. The changes was seen from the shape of her nose and her facial shape.

Kattie Cassidy Plastic Surgery
Kattie Cassidy Plastic Surgery

Nose Job

If you take a look at her current face and compare it to the previous one, you might see the interesting part. Her current nose looked slimmer than she used to have. It’s an indication of a nose job (rhinoplasty). Did you see it? Her current nose looked nice and match to her face.

Chin Implants

And another surgery that give significant impact was the chin implants. This procedure had changed the shape of her face drastically. If you are a fan of her since she was younger than you might realize that her current face looked a bit longer than she used to have. It also made her looks a bit skinny than usual. However, some people still assume that she might get weight loss.

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