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Ashlee Simpson Plastic Surgery Before After Nose Job

Ashlee simpson, the American pop singer was reported by many medias that she looked different. What was it? the news said that Ashlee looked having different shape of nose that was possibly done by nose job (rhinoplasty)

Ashlee Simpson Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Ashlee Simpson Plastic Surgery Nose Job

By comparing her latest picture and in the past picture. you can see the significant difference. Ashlee used to have a nose with a big bump on it. Now the nose looked slim and nice. The bump on her nose has been removed.
Beside that, the tip of her nose also look a bit elevated up.

Beside removing the bump on the nose, the people are still questioning another reason why she took a nose job. Some of the people even claimed that Ashlee looked better with her old nose. They also said that the nose with the big bump has become her trademark.

Talking about the rhinoplasty that she took, the one who explain the first about it was her father, Joe.
she is still lucky that Ashlee still recognizable by her fans and people. What do you think about it? is it good surgery? wasteful or bad surgery?

A plastic surgeon, Dr. Rawnsley shared his opinion about Ashlee Nose Job.He noticed that her convex nasal bridge has been converted to a relatively straight bridge.

Ashlee is still 29, many people wondered what she will do in the near future. Will she do plastic surgery further? Because she nearly face the real problem, the aging.

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