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Avril Lavigne Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor?

Avril Lavigne is a very popular singer from Canada. And her name has been known by world. Avril appeared in entertainment industry as talented singer since 2002. 13 years has past. The people noticed that Chad Kroeger’s wife has changed a lot. And it’s more than the aging factor. Avril Lavigne plastic surgery speculation had become warm topic in forums. Her husband, Chad Kroeger plastic surgery is also discussed in recent  years (read more about Chad Kroeger plastic surgery).

What Kinds of procedures that Avril got?

Based on the news, she possibly got two major procedures to enhance her appearance. Those procedures included a breast implants and nose job. The signs of the procedures can be seen clearly in the before and after picture.

Avril Lavigne plastic Surgery through Nose Job
Avril Lavigne plastic Surgery through Nose Job

Avril Lavigne nose job

If we compare between her pictures, we will see the change. Avril used to have a bit more bulbous nose. After the rhinoplasty (nose job in medical word), it looked slimmer and more proportional for her face. Avril Lavigne nose job was done well. Dr. George Lefkovits, a plastic surgeon commented about Avril’s new nose. The doctor said that the rhinoplasty made her nose more refined. And the old one was too short and bulbous.

Avril Lavigne Breast Implants
Avril Lavigne Breast Implants

How is the breast implants result?

The change was not only seen on the shape of her nose. She also got her boobs done through breast implants.  Compared to the previous boobs, she now got bigger and rounder breasts. The boob job turned her boobs from A cup to C cup. Avril Lavigne breast implants made her body looked curvier. She may enjoy the result. It made her more feminine and sexy.

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