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Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Before and After

The living legendary singer, Axl rose looked so different. The GnR’s lead vocal surprisingly was reported by the media due to his smooth look in his old age. And it had become great topic among the people especially his fans. what had he done? Does he got good plastic surgery? Unfortunately the people think that he got the surgeries overdone. Iit had gone wrong. From his current look he might get facelift, botox injections, eyelid surgery, nose job, fillers injection and many more.

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Before and After
Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Before and After

facelift and botox injection
it’s quite surprising to know that Axl rose decided to get plastic surgery enhancements. as many people know that, he is a great rock star who is also known for his good looking and his unique voice. It looked too weird to listen about it.
Axl’s face looked so tight now. it’s bit overdone. Her face looked frozen. besides, the botox injection made his face even worse. the forehead looked unnaturally flawless.

fillers injection.
his plump facial sin was identified as the result of fillers injection usage. is fuller cheek is one of the most possible object. the fillers might have been injected in this area. This procedure might be used by him to make his face better after the facelift, however, it didn’t change a thing. His face looked chubby. In some moment, he looked like Obelix face, especially when he got a mustache.

Axl Rose Plastic surgery Nose Job
Axl Rose Plastic surgery Nose Job

Nose job

Another enhancement that axl got was a nose job. For some reasons the people still question about it. This controversial topic was built after seeing this current nose which looked different. The people didn’t see any problem with his previous nose. His current nose looked narrower than before. Beside that, the tip of the nose also looked smaller now.
according to media, axl told that his decision to go under rhinoplasty because he thought that he didn’t have nice nose for his face.

Beside those procedures, axl also got more enhancements on his appearance. However, the fact that he got bad surgery can’t be denied. and his decision to go under the knife was truly a bad step for a rock star like him.m He need to live more naturally from now on. What do u think of it guys?

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