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Ayesha Takia Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants, Liposuction

Plastic surgery in Asia is not only popular in a country like Korea, but this beauty enhancement is also quite high in India. Many celebrities in this country were said having some procedures.

Ayesha Takia is one of the actress who probably went under the knife. The news about Ayesha and plastic surgery had made many people surprised. What kinds of plastic surgery that she did?

the 28 years old actress might do some procedures like breast implants and liposuction. The speculations appeared when the people saw Ayesha with a curvier body shape in short time.Was the surgery news true?

Ayesha Takia Plastic Surgery Breast Implants
Ayesha Takia Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

Breast Implants.
commonly many women really dream to have big breasts. they believed that having big size od breast could boost their sexiness and confidence as well. Ayesha might be inspired to be sexier woman.

from the before and after picture, it was seen that her boobs looked so significantly changed. That indicated a breast implants (boob job) done. However, not all the people seems agree with this. they told that the breast looked bigger due to she got slimmer waist and weight loss too.

Ayesha Takia Before and After Liposuction
Ayesha Takia Before and After Liposuction


Ayesha now looked so curvy and hot. She got slimmer waist that made her as attractive as now. Many chatters strongly believed that Ayesha took a liposuction and remove the unneeded fat on her body. From some news also reported that she took the liposuction in UK several years ago.

Unfortunately the people can only guess and see. She didn’t look happy to hear about the rumors. If only the rumor was true, ayesha should be listed among the indian plastic surgeries, like her senior, Kareena Kapoor.

What do you think of her appearance today? Can you see plastic surgery behind her beauty?

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