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Azealia Banks Plastic Surgery Through Breast Implants

The controversial star, Azealia Banks is known best as an American rapper. And many people often compared her with another young rapper, Iggy Azalea. In fact, those two singers got hard rivalry.They even had word wars in twitter.

However, we won’t talk about their rivalry history. You might already read about Iggy Azalea’s transformation (read about Iggy Azalea plastic surgery). How about Azealia Banks? Did she get any beauty enhancement so far? Recently, the 24 years old singer had posted about it. In a short video, she revealed her plastic surgery result. It was Azealia Banks breast implants.

Azealia Banks Breast Implants revealed
Azealia Banks Breast Implants revealed

Azealia Amanda Banks looks enjoying the result of breast implants. Don’t you know? She might have considered having plastic surgery since 2014. Here is her tweet in September 2014,

azealia  banks plastic surgery comment
azealia banks plastic surgery comment

Now, she had reappeared with new look. Many people wondered if she would follow Nicki Minaj who had done several plastic surgery procedures. Nick didn’t only get her boobs done. But she also had new butt (find more in Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery). Do you think that Azealia Banks would reconsider further body enhancements? Let’s see and wait. Leave your opinion about Azealia banks plastic surgery in the available box.

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