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Barbara Walters Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift, Botox

Aging is a real problem for all women in the world. Many women loved to let it be and stay in more natural way. But,some others decided to get plastic surgery to fight the aging. Barbara Walters is one of the women who tried to go under plastic surgery and fight the aging.

How old is Barbara Walters? As many people know that Barbara’s age is 85 years old now. But her appearance looked younger than she must be. In order to fight the aging, there’s no doubt if she got some plastic surgery procedures. They were facelift, eyelid surgery necklift and botox injection.

Those four procedures are very popular and mostly used by the old people to rejuvenate their look.

Barbara Walters Plastic Surgery
Barbara Walters Plastic Surgery

Barbara’s facial skin could make you believe that the facelift took important role. This procedure tighten her face skin so well. That’s why she got lack of sagging skin on her face. For a woman over 80s, she looked so great and younger. She might be very pleased to her plastic surgeon.

like the facelift, necklift also tighten her skin, but in the neck area. This procedure refreshed her neck very well too. considering from her age, Barbara had already got serious problem with the aging. By Refreshing the neck area she can make the rejuvenation program perfect.

Eyelid surgery
you can try to look at her current eyes. It looked fresh doesn’t it? There’s no doubt, it must be eyelid surgery. It had removed all the wrinkles around her eyes and the bags as well.

Botox injection
the botox had removed the wrinkles that should appear on her forehead. seeing from her current face, it seems the botox injection was done well and not overdone. She didn’t use the botox too much, that’s why her face looked naturally younger.

It’s so fortunate that she got nice cosmetic surgeries, and she didn’t do any other enhancements. She must have realized that her true problem is only the aging. And to keep younger, she did those all and it ran well.

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