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Daesung Big Bang Plastic Surgery, Rumor Or Fact?

Some fans might agree if Daesung is the cutest boy in Big Bang. He got baby face and  he also looked so natural. Unlike G-Dragon, his teammate, who got multiple surgery (see more here) Daesung might do nothing through plastic surgery. Despite Daesung Plastic surgery thread is recently discussed in some forums.

Big Bang Daesung Plastic Surgery fact or Rumor
Big Bang Daesung Plastic Surgery fact or Rumor

Did he get double eyelid surgery like common celebrities? He probably didn’t go through that procedure. You can see and compare his pictures below. Daesung still looked having narrow eyes like he was young. The significant change was on his fashion and style. With Big Bang he appeared as a cute and cool member. With an attractive and eccentric outfit, he appeared as different person.

However, in 2009, he forced to get some surgery treatment for health reason. He ever got an accident in that year. The doctor advised him to go under the knife. He got a problem on his nose and the orbital bone.  That’s why he went under a nose job (rhinoplasty) and he got his orbital bone fixed too.

The nose job was successfully helped him. The nose job was done well. And it didn’t change the shape of his nose too much. He even looked the same as before. It’s so fortunate and a relieve that he was fine. He still looks great and so active on stage. In fact, his fans loved him so much.

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