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Big Bang Member, G-Dragon Plastic Surgery

As one of the most popular boy band in Korea, Bing Bang had stolen the people[‘s attention, not only in Korea but also from the other countries. And G-Dragon is one of the most popular members. There’s an interesting part of his appearance that mad many people curious. Some people even wonder how he looked like in the past. after comparing his appearance, it seems he went under the knife like many others celebrities.

most of his fans might feel annoyed with the news. Let’s see what exactly happen to his appearance.

G Dragon Plastic Surgery Nose Job
G Dragon Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Nose Job

It’s not too shocking if GD (G-Dragon) took a nose job (rhinoplasty). As you know that Korean celebrities mostly got the nose job and change the shape. You can see the change from the before and after picture. his current nose looked having slimmer shape with smaller tip. And some news spread even believed that he got nose job twice.

Chin implants

Did you notice the change on the shape of his chin? it looked different right? The chin might have been implanted. It appeared with more pointed shape, Due to his weight loss, it made the chin can be easily seen.

Big Bang G Dragon Plastic Surgery
Big Bang G Dragon Plastic Surgery

The Jaw surgery,

Despite many people told that his jaw looked smaller due to the wight loss, we still believed that he went under further enhancement. The jawline didn’t look the same jaw. The jaw surgery also had been done by many celebrities. You should remember how well jaw surgery refine park min young and Jessica Jung facial shape.

G-Dragon plastic surgery is so obvious. The change on his face is significant. Beside those surgeries, it seems he might do the double eyelid surgery as well. He just did a big combo of Korean plastic surgery. how do you see this case? Do you have any other idea?


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