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Billie Piper Plastic Surgery Before and After

the talented singer, Billie Piper was said as an English celebrity who went under the knife. In enhancing her appearance, she did some plastic surgery procedures. if you take a look at the pictures you will see the significant changes, especially on her teeth and the lips. She might have them through lip injection and veneers.

Billie piper is currently 32 years old. Plastic surgery had been used by many celebrity as old as her or even younger. Her plastic surgery is a bit shocking.

Billie Piper Plastic surgery Before and After
Billie Piper Plastic surgery Before and After

This kind of procedure can help the user to make better shape of teeth. Billie got her veneer and make her teeth looked great. The procedure had re-whitened her teeth and made it neat. But, her new teeth still brought a lot of comments from many people. They commented that Billie’s veneer might have one main reason. She wanted to fix her horse-teeth to better one.

Lip injection
another surgery that Billie got was the lip augmentation. Compared to her previous lip (seen in the before picture), the new lips looked more nutritious and juicy. There’s a sign of fillers injection had been injected in it. It could be juvederm or restylane. However, the people still dislike it. They thought that her teeth looked a bit unnatural and overdone.

Billie Piper’s new look is quite surprising. As every body know that she used to have a horsey-teeth. It was done well.  But, she just did a bit overdone on her lips. Fortunately, the surgery didn’t make a too big problem for her appearance. She might still feel happy with the work.What do you think? Does she look better after surgery?

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