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Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Billy Crystal is an actor and also a dubber. You might know Mike Wazowski (Monster Univeristy). That was Billy’s voice. What thing that brings his name to this site was plastic surgery possibility that he got in recent years. As you know that Billy Crystal has been 66 years old today, but his appearance didn’t look that old. The people believed that he migt go through some procedures to refine his appearance. Some plastic qsurgeons, Dr. Anthoby Youn and Dr. Terry Dubroco even noticed that the comedian had done some things on his face. He is a bit unrecognizable.

Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery
Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery

Facelift and botox injection

Billy crystal might do facelift and botox injection.These kinds of procedure could make the users refreshing their face. Billy’s forehead was said as the result of the combinations. the facelift tightened his facial skin, while, the botox had taken a role in removing the wrinkles and lines.

Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery Before and After
Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery Before and After

Fat Grafting
This kind of procedure was not too popular in America, but some people assumed that she got fat grafting on his face. the fat grafting was a “fat transfer”. Some parts of his face was said as the result of fat grafting. However, some people think that the rumor was untrue. The weight gain is more possible than that procedure. A plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Nassif also claimed that he didn’t do any fat grafting.

Eyelid surgery
another plastic surgery that was possibly done by him was the eyelid surgery. We guessed it’s reasonable if he went through this procedure. You can see the eyes area. He got fresher eyes. It didn’t get wrinkles or bags surround them.

What do you have in mind after seeing his current look. Did you see any sign of plastic surgery?

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