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Birth of a Beauty Star, Han Ye Seul Plastic Surgery

Talking about Korean plastic surgery, we know that it’s no longer new thing. Many celebrities had already gone under the knife. And surprisingly, most of the plastic surgeries in this country ran successfully. And commonly Korean people loved to get double eyelid surgery, nose job and jaw surgery. you might remember well about Sooyoung or Park Min Young with their surgeries.

Han Ye Seul Plastic Surgery
Han Ye Seul Plastic Surgery

Han Ye Seul plastic surgery recently becomes hot news among the Korean lovers. The actress was said having some procedure as beauty enhancement. Because, she didn’t look the same. She looked much prettier than she used to be. You know what makes her changed? it’s her eyes. Many people believed that Han Ye Seul got a double eyelid surgery to keep her beauty.

Double eyelid surgery

This surgery is very possible to do. Moreover, double eyelid surgery had become big trend among the celebrities. hat’s why the people have no doubt that Han Ye Seul got this one as well. Her current eyes looked more open now. She no longer got narrow eyes like she used to have. By having the double eyelid surgery, now, her appearance looked sweeter.

However, the news about the plastic surgery is still purely debatable. Some people assumed that this was not caused by the surgery. It was more like a result of make up.

It’s so unfortunate that Han Ye Seul didn’t give explanation. That’s why the people just are able to assume. How do you see this? Did Han Ye Seul get surgery?

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