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Black Sabbath Ozzy Osbourne Plastic Surgery Before and After

The Black Sabbath Lead singer, Ozzy Osbourne is not young anymore. But he is still active in this music industry. Ozzy has been 66 years old. But his appearance still looks fresh and wrinkle-less. This is a big indication of plastic surgery activities. However, the people won’t have a lot of time to know whether he had gone under the knife or not. Because in the past, Ozzy had admitted having two big procedures. he admitted having rhinoplasty and facelift. He claimed that he did those procedures to boost his confidence.

Ozzy Osbourne Plastic Surgery Before and After
Ozzy Osbourne Plastic Surgery Before and After

Despite he didn’t tell about his current fresh look, the people believe that he may get regular beauty enhancement till now. At least he may get botox injection. Sharon Osbourne, his wife also got enhancement (read more about Sharon Osbourne plastic surgery)

Ozzy Osbourne facelift and botox injection

The signs of aging on the face should be the main problem. Many celebrities took facelift and botox in order to keep them away from wrinkles and sagging skin. This could be Ozzy’s reason about the facelift. As he had admitted, the facelift made his face tighter than he should be. This procedure had retightened his facial skin. You can see how well that procedure maintained his youthful skin.

As a supporting work, an amount of botox injection may get important role. This should be the reason of his wrinkle-less forehead. Othe annoying signs of aging had been removed with this procedure.

Ozzy Osbourne Nose Job
Ozzy Osbourne Nose Job

Ozzy Osbourne Nose Job

Beside facelift, Ozzy also hot enhancement in the past. It was seen in the before and after picture. He got a nose job (rhinoplasty). This kind of procedure is actually quite popular among the stars. But some people think that the nose job was not needed to do. He looked better with his old nose.

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