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Blake Lively Plastic Surgery Before After Nose Job

Nose job or rhinoplasty is a really popular plastic surgery in the world. Especially, in America, most celebrity had done this job in order to fix their nose problem. however it’s a rare thing if the nose job was done due to a healthy problem. Most cases about a nose job are done because the patients wanted to get the best shape of the nose.

A sexy and gorgeous actress, Blake Lively was one of the plastic surgery lover who did nose job. And her story with this procedure is quite popular in many forums.

Blake Lively Plastic Surgery Before After Nose job
Blake Lively Plastic Surgery Before After Nose job

Blake used to have a wider nose with a more bulbous tip. According to many media spread. They told that Blake might have her nose job view years ago after 2005. What people see today is the new Blake Lively. She has a narrower nose that was probably done with a nose job, while the tip of her nose was also reshaped into a smaller one.

Her current nose looked nice and match to her face. She need to thank to her plastic surgeon who had nicely cut it. However, not all her fans seems agree with her decision. They even said that she looked better with her natural nose. It’s fortunate that Blake’s nose didn’t make her to be someone else. unlike Jennifer Grey’s case with her nose.
What do you think of her then? Does she look nice with her new nose?

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